Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Picking Up

I have to share this with you mainly because it explains the last 2 months of my pregnancy and WHY on earth I CAN NOT get the house to stay clean.
First of all, for those of you who I haven't talked to in a bit might not know that I'm now bigger than a house and ALL of the random crazy things that have happened to Greg and I and "Bitsy" in the last couple of months. I WILL post a blog on this and share the new preggo pictures as soon as I get my new computer set up and going (hopefully tonight maybe tomorrow).
ANYWHO. I just HAVE to share this with you because it just made me laugh out loud. Greg beat me home today I was working/washing clothes/taking care of the cats at my parents house. I tell him I want to pick up the upstairs loft because Tyler the computer guy is coming tonight to get me all hooked up. He starts working on the dishes, waiting for the water guy.
On my way to the stairs I noticed the couch was a mess, so I straightened the couch. Then I noticed that one of his hats was on my dirty laundry so I picked it up and went to put it away in the bedroom and on my way I found two sweatshirts laying around that needed to be hung up too. In walking back from that way I noticed that his coat was in the chair at the table that needed to be cleaned. I put his coat in the closet by the door and picked up a good portion of the table when he'd asked "Was there a piece of gum on that table?" I had bought him new gum on my way home so I ran (OK FINE. Waddled) out to my truck and find the water guy pulling up.

I bring him the gum and he's looking for his hat (I'd just put away) so I laughed and went and got it and he's looking for his coat or a sweatshirt (I'd just put away) then he's looking for hand towel (I'd just thrown in the dirty clothes). I finally had to laugh out loud. MOST of my time home had been putting all his stuff away! I hit him with his hat and told him that and he just says "Well I knew where it was when it was OUT here". URGAH. Now I know why I'm exhausted when I finally sit down to to what it was I started out doing AND at this point it's a MIRACLE if I can REMEMBER what I was doing by that time!